Creating and passing the 1492 Act will protect Italian Americans from discriminatory animus and hold vandals and officials accountable

States must create and pass the 1492 Act to protect Italian Americans from hate crimes and make it illegal for Mayors and City council members to refuse to enforce laws and protect the civil rights of residents in their respective state. The 1492 act would encompass educational reform, accountability of public officials in their duty to protect and make defacing or destroying Italian American cultural symbols a hate crime.

We Are Equal

Italian Americans have been a protected class under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause for many decades. Some may argue we have been protected since the Declaration of Independence was signed that declared all men are created equal. However, the destruction of Columbus Monuments across the country indicates we are from our goal of equality. Most citizens and politicians are not aware of our protected status or the reasons for which it exists, but our grandparents certainly were aware. They were discriminated against in the employment sector, faced brutal treatment in the streets and were often ridiculed and mocked by politicians. Unfortunately, there is a disturbing trend making its way back in 2020. The equal protection laws were codified to protect us from hatred that we are experiencing in 2020 must be enforced by our legal system, but we have yet to see this materialize. Unfortunately, there must be another modern day debate as to why our civil rights are not being protected today. We are either equal or we are not. There is no such thing as being a little equal. All Americans must publicly condemn the attacks against our cultural symbols and demand politicians enforce the civil rights laws.

Unequal Treatment

Unlike similarly situated ethnic groups, we are being systematically targeted based on our race and national origin. There is no other ethnic group that is being subjected to such discriminatory animus by radical groups and individuals. The most disturbing aspect of this hate movement is the capitulation by Mayors and City Council members and their willingness to abandon their Italian American constituents during such a time. The Columbus monuments around the country are symbols of inclusion into American society. They were erected during a period of intense violence against our community. The most widely known event was the mass lynching in New Orleans on March 14th 1891 where 11 Italians were lynched for a crime they did not commit. However, in addition to the 11 Italians that were lynched, many more were victims of mob violence across the country at that time. The crowd was cheering them on then and they are also cheering now. What ethnic group in America has their cultural symbols torn down in front of cheering crowds with live media coverage? It is almost as if the media is the mouthpiece of these groups and encourage the attacks. You are probably having a hard time thinking of any other groups because there are none. That my friends is called unequal treatment and evidence that we are not equal today. But the 1492 Act would finally make us equal. The act would make vandals financially liable for the defacement or destruction of the Columbus monuments and charged with a hate crime. Throw in the RICO act and hate organizations responsible could be dismantled and prosecuted quickly. Local officials would also be liable for their failure to protect Italian American civil rights and monuments. If silence is violence, then Mayors and City Council members should be charged with a felony.

History Repeats Itself

Today, we are dealing with mob violence once again. However, this time they do not have guns and ammo but ropes, hammers and radical politicians hell bent on destroying our cultural symbols. But this is not the only weapon they are using. This hate movement was not created in one week but developed over several decades and started in the educational system, made its way to local government and finally to students minds. These former students are not the only ones responsible for the hate crimes occurring across America. Today they also have educational unions that are intentionally misleading students about the history of Columbus despite having their lesson plans debunked numerous times. Unions are creating lesson plans on their websites for teachers and professors to download for free in order to teach your children the information taught by Howard Zinn, a proud Socialist and member of the Communist Party according to multiple sources. Evidence indicates that these teachings, writings and political leanings are being taught in public schools today which explains why we see the rise of Antifa and other hate groups in America. It all goes back to the public school system and the misinformation being peddled. To stop the hate crimes against Italian Americans, Union presidents must be held accountable for the hate being taught and disseminated in American Public schools. This includes involuntary resignations, educational reform and codified law to prevent the teachings of hate and misinformation.

Duty to Protect

Finally, capitulation of these hate crimes by local officials must be addressed. By allowing the Columbus monument to be desecrated and failing to arrest and prosecute the individuals involved sends a clear message to our community that our civil rights do not matter. Removing our cultural symbol will not stop their hate, but rebuilding it, arresting those involved and passing the 1492 Act will. We can make the inference that the vandals want to exclude Italian American residents from participating in the social and cultural life of the state, and are being enabled by local officials to commit these hate crimes against us by failing to arrest those responsible. Submitting to the demands of hate groups like we see currently is a dangerous game being played. First they will attack the Columbus monuments and then it may be Italian American residents next. States must create and pass the 1492 Act now!


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