After Visit With Phil Murphy in Hard Hit New Jersey, Trump Says Schools Should Open in Fall

TULSA, OK –  President Donald J. Trump on Saturday said after visiting with liberal Governor Phil Murphy and hearing the Governor’s account of COVID-19 in New Jersey, he came away from the meeting realizing schools need to reopen.  Although New Jersey has been the second hardest-hit states during the COVID-19 pandemic, Murphy told Trump only one child died from the disease through the entire pandemic. [read more below video]

In New Jersey, the majority of cases of COVID-19 deaths were confined to elderly seniors living in private and state-run long term elder care facilities.   Children in the nation’s second hardest-hit state had a near-zero fatality rate and an extremely low contact rate.

“New Jersey was heavily hit, with thousands of people, there was only one person who died who was under the age of 18,” Trump said. “It tells me one thing, kids are much stronger than us. When you see a kid running around, you say boy, you have a great immune system.”

Trump said children infected with COVID-19 generally get minor flu-like symptoms and recover.

“Look, he has the sniffles,” Trump said. “That’s a COVID-19 case.”

The President said schools should reopen in the fall because the virus has had very little impact on school-aged children.

“Let’s open the schools, please,” Trump said.  “In the fall we have to get them open.”

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