Murphy Reopens Arcades, Bowling Alleys, Batting Cages, Shooting Ranges…Not Gyms In Latest Round of Scientific Decisions

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy Wednesday announced another slate of business reopenings.  On Thursday, July 2nd, museums, aquariums and indoor recreational facilities will be able to reopen at 25% of their capacity along with casinos.

Individual Gym Training by Appointment Only

“This includes, for you bowlers, indoor bowling alleys, batting cages, shooting ranges, and yes the arcades along our boardwalk. Indoor entertainment venues such as movie theaters, performing arts centers, concert venues and nightclubs will remain closed, and gyms and fitness centers will remain closed as well, although we will allow for individualized training sessions by appointment. The fact that that group of things remains closed gives Judy or me or Pat or none of us no joy,” Murphy said. “It brings us no joy to say that. We would love to be able to open those things up. We just are not there yet. We just don’t think it’s the responsible thing to do. If you look at the flare ups, Judy, that we’re seeing in other states, we just cannot mimic what we’re seeing with clear evidence. And as I say, inside is a whole different reality than outside.”

Libraries to Reopen

“I’m also pleased to announce that our libraries will be able to reopen their doors to their patrons first thing in the morning on Thursday, July 2nd and again, we will be holding libraries to only allow visitors up to 25% of their capacity. Again, as with other indoor activities, we must remain extra vigilant about this virus when we’re indoors especially. We know that it is easier to contract the coronavirus in an indoor environment. This is why we will require, not ask but require, all of these places to implement heightened standards of sanitation, as well as other measures to ensure proper social distances and the wearing of face coverings at all times,” he said,  “More detailed standards will be released later this week, but they will very closely track the guidance we have already given for other indoor activities. And again, as with all other indoor activities, the wearing of face coverings or masks is and will be required. This goes not just for customers but for employees too, and there can be no exceptions. This is not a polite suggestion or a gentle reminder, this is a requirement.”

When indoors, mask up like Murph

“When you are indoors, you must keep your mouth and nose covered except if you’re sitting down at the table to eat or drink, or for religious purposes, or your personal health and safety requires it. Wearing a face covering is proven to help protect others around you,” he added. “It is a proven measure for further slowing the spread. We should all be in the practice of wearing a face covering by now, and even outdoors, and especially when we are in areas where social distancing is harder to maintain, like on a crowded boardwalk. But at least when you’re indoors, you must be wearing a face covering or a mask and if you are not, you will be refused service, period.”

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