Activists Working Overtime to Remove “Blue Lines” in Roads Across New Jersey

HOLMDEL, NJ – There’s an effort afoot to remove the “blue lives matter” line that was recently painted in Holmdel.  Black Lives Matters protesters and anti-police protesters in New Jersey are planning a protest to force Holmdel Mayor Gregory Buontempo to remove the line. The group says the line was painted in response to black lives matter, not as a natural appreciation for Holmdel police.

“This is a racist symbol,” the group said on a shareable Google Docs flyer, “The Blue Lives Matter movement is more than just an attempt to undermine Black Lives Matter.”

“[We] demand the removal of the blue line representing “Blue Lives Matter” on Crawfords Corner Road between Holmdel High School and the Holmdel Municipal Court. Since this line quietly symbolizes opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement—and therefore reinforces the suppression of Black and other minority communities—I call for its removal from a taxpayer-funded and widely-used road,” the group said. “his line is a racist symbol that intimidates Black and minority groups residing in or traveling through Holmdel. The “Blue Lives Matter” movement did not start as an organic tribute to law enforcement; rather, it arose specifically in opposition to Black Lives Matter and implicitly excuses police brutality against Black communities.”

The group also threatened that Buontempo’s job is on the line if he doesn’t remove it.

“s your re-election approaches, I strongly urge you to listen to your constituents—over 200 of whom protested against police brutality and racism right here on June 11—who would be more willing to support you if you engage with our demands. I encourage you to lead by example and remove this unwelcoming symbol from Holmdel’s streets,” they said.

The group also made a cut-and-paste version of their protest letter and scripted phone call and urges Black Lives Matter movements across the state to contact their local governments to remove the Blue Lives Matter lines in their towns.

A photo shared by the group (above) shows the line has significant wear and tear and was not painted in response to the most recent Black Lives Matter protests.


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