Pork Roll Recipes: Go Beyond the Pork Roll Egg and Cheese Sandwich

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MIDDLESEX, NJ – New Jersey loves its pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich.  In fact, it could even be the official food of New Jersey if it wasn’t for tomatoes and blue berries.  Pork roll, egg and cheese is an iconic Jersey breakfast, and sometimes, even lunch, but have you ever gone beyond the PEC?

According to Jersey Pork Roll, a store at  112 Wood Avenue in Middlesex, there’s much more you can and should be doing with your pork roll. 

On their website, dedicated mostly to pork roll, you can also find the following recipes:

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Jersey Pork roll sells traditional New Jersey meat fare, beyond pork roll.

Share your favorite pork roll recipes in the comments below.

“When you buy Taylor Ham or Trenton Pork Roll online from Jersey Pork Roll, it will arrive at your door in the least expensive way possible, packaged professionally with no handling charge.  Habbersett Scrapple, Sabrett Natural or Skinless Hot Dogs, Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy, and other unique East Coast regional NJ foods are available also,” the company says on its website.

You can also learn about pork roll history in New jersey at Jersey Pork Roll.

For more on pork roll, check out this video.  New Jersey also hosts an annual Pork Roll festival in Trenton.  This year, the event has been moved to September 5th due to the COVID-19 outbreak,

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