Scenes from the Hellish Nightmare That Awaits You As New Jersey Reopens Motor Vehicle Services


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Let’s face it.  We all knew this was going to happen. Today is the first day for in-person DMV services across the state and like mostly everything Governor Phil Murphy has managed during the pandemic, it’s a complete clusterf-ck.  Lines in some places longer than a football, winding around blocks, crossing several strip malls.   It’s complete and utter madness out there.

Imagine your worst day ever waiting at the DMV.  Then imagine that day and move it outside in the sweltering summer heat.  Then imagine you’re in hell and being tortured by  Satan’s minions.  Well, that will be your day at the local DMV offices today.

With high humidity and temperatures that could reach 90 degrees today, things can get pretty ugly, especially for those standing in the sun and heat for hours wearing face coverings.

If Governor Phil Murphy is seriously concerned about a COVID-19 outbreak, this is where it’s going to happen…and once again, like sending infected senior citizens to bring the pandemic to assisted living facilities, it will be on his head.

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“A nightmare at Motor Vehicles in Springfield this morning. The line keeps growing without any organization. People can’t tell where the line begins. There is no communication,” said New Jersey Republican John Bramnick. “This is unacceptable. New Jersey residents should be respected not ignored.”

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At around 10 am, the NJ MVC posted a warning on its website.

“Lines are very long. Consider waiting a week or more before you come in,” the department said. “Many transactions can now be conducted online. Check our online services page to see if you can “Skip the Trip” to the agency. All customers are required to wear face coverings when visiting an agency.”

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