After Renaming “Freeholders” Governor Murphy Renames “Taxes”

TRENTON, NJ – Hoping to cover New Jersey’s “nut”, his words not ours, Governor Phil Murphy has moved from renaming county elected officials to renaming taxes.  Murphy claims he’s facing a $20 billion bill to make up for COVID-19 financial shortfalls.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Murphy said he has a plan that includes borrowing more money, begging the Trump administration for aide and creating new “revenue raisers”.

“We will have to borrow money, it’s not either or, it’s and both,” Murphy said. “We’ll have to put some new revenue raisers on the table as well as we develop our next budget.”

Murphy said he’ll stop off at the Federal Reserve and ask for federal cash assistance.

If those both fail, revenue raisers will undoubtedly become “taxes” on the people of New Jersey.

“We in the same boat together,” Murphy said.

Ya, nah.  No we’re not Phil.

Earlier in the week, before renaming taxes to revenue raisers, the governor sought to rename the term “Freeholder” to “Commissioner”.

As our nation tears down symbols of injustice, we must also tear down words we use in New Jersey that were born from racism. It’s past time for New Jersey to phase out the term ‘freeholder’ from our public discourse –  a term coined when only white male landowners could hold public office.

“This is not a matter of political correctness; it is a corrective action to replace an outdated designation that is rooted in institutional prejudice,” Murphy said.


Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash


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