New Jersey Governor Blames Crime on Uptick of New Gun Owners! Welcome to The Party, it’s Your fault!

by Theresa Inacker, CNJFO Communications Director, for Black Wire Media

TRENTON, NJ – As a new gun owner, you probably cannot believe that New Jersey Governor Murphy and Democrats in the Legislature would conflate crime and gang violence with YOU and 106,000 additional new gun owners in New Jersey. Believe it. He’s already trying to “sell” it! Even for a vengeance killing or a professional hit on a Judge’s family (could be either, right Mr. FedEx?)!

Lawful, constitutional gun owners are always conflated with criminals, gang members and especially, mass school murderers. No matter what current or future gun laws you comply with, it will never be enough. It will always be YOUR FAULT! You will always be on the defense.

This is why we at the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners say “Welcome to the Party!” This is why we must stick together, now more than ever before! THIS is why you need to JOIN NJ’s busiest 2A organization, CNJFO!

Democrats in New Jersey use criminal and gang activity on the street as an excuse to break the backs of the good guys. Gun-grabbers rely on lies and misinformation to make their case. Make no mistake, lawful gun owners in New Jersey have been enemy number one of Democrats and the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to stop them.

This is why it is imperative that you become engaged in Second Amendment issues and groups in this State. It is imperative that you vote like your life depends on it, because decisions will be made that directly affect your ability to defend yourself and your family.


Last week, New Jersey’s Governor Murphy said he was concerned about a sharp increase in shooting deaths amid the Coronavirus lockdown. You may not realize this, but this is the opening salvo alluding to incoming gun control measures in 3…2…1. You’re asking yourself, how is that possible? You just applied for your New Jersey Firearms Identification card, with criminal and mental health background checks, fingerprints, fees, you waited much longer than the 30 days the law gives your Police Department to process it, you waited in lines at the local gun shop only to find slim inventory. You were subject to a point of sale NICS check. And if you are purchasing a handgun, you obtained an extra permit called a Permit to Purchase a Handgun and submitted to the NICS check and subject to the “one gun a month” purchase limitation. And now Governor Phil Murphy is contemplating MORE gun control? Yes! They never stop thinking about ways to infringe.


Here’s what the Gun Grabbers are worried about:
In 2019, the New Jersey Firearms Investigation Unit saw 54,414 applications. As of June 2020, they have seen an astounding 106,000, with six more months to go! (For further discussion, see The Gun For Hire Podcast, Episode 478.…/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast…/…)

Be assured, anti-rights politicians are looking at these new numbers and panicking. Double the number of new gunowners over last year? They cannot have it! You are a THREAT to their false gun control narrative! You are a threat to their ultimate goal of civilian disarmament.

Governor Murphy and the usual gun-grabbing Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature will be contriving new ways to infringe on your rights. We will also see the rehashing of old gun control bills like the Smart Gun requirement, and undoubtedly, new and novel ways to create state-assured victimhood.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…Info Newbies need to KNOW!:

You may not have been paying attention, but in 2018, Murphy signed into the law, the 10-round magazine limitation law. That meant that those of us who already lawfully possessed 15 round magazines, even for firearms purchased with permits issued by the State, were unconstitutionally dispossessed of those magazines. Just because you have followed all of the rules, passed all the tests, and did everything right does not mean you get to keep what you spent your hard-earned money on, and what the rest of the country can possess. It is entirely possible, and even likely, that further gun control measures will take from you what you just purchased. Although litigation has been pending, challenging the magazine limit, the courts have not been friendly to Second Amendment as of late, so relief may not be coming soon.


Theresa Inacker is our Communications Director. She is responsible for keeping us “on-message” and does her best work with “a bee in her bonnet”, meaning when she gets P.O.’d as attacks are inflicted onto our 2nd Amendment rights. As a tireless 2nd Amendment advocate, this Mom, lawyer, hunter, target shooter and gun owner stands watch for all of us. Inacker is a former Editor of the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal and able to practice at The U.S. Supreme Court. We hope you appreciate her candor and enjoy this piece!

—The Editor

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