In Quarantine Play, Baseball Fights Even Less Exciting as Hockey Fights Deliver

OAKLAND, CA  – The Houston Astros are going to have a very long sixty-day season after the team is being made to pay for their years of alleged cheating, but this week, they were involved in Major League Baseball’s first COVID-19 era bench-clearing “brawl”.

The word brawl is used lightly. As usual, bench-clearing fights in baseball rarely turn out to be anything more than a bunch of guys hopping up and down and pushing and shoving. With no fans in the stands, it’s even less exciting when the cardboard cutouts don’t call players bums and throw their hot dogs at them.  Here’s a highlight reel of this week’s mediocre brawl.  It gets about a 1.5 out of 10.

Meanwhile, over in the Canadian hockey bubble, here’s what a real sports fight during the COVID-19 pandemic looks like when the sport delivers.

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