Phil Murphy Tweet About Transgender Women Creates a Stir

TRENTON, NJ –  Trans women are women, pass it on.

Those words posted by Governor Phil Murphy on Twitter this week caused an internet firestorm and debate among his constituents regarding the topic of transgender women in New Jersey.  Murphy’s post may have hurt the cause for transgender women more than help it as the discussion got heated very quickly.

“Humans with a Y chromosome are male. Science, pass it on,” responded one Twitter user in opposition to the Governor’s statement.

“Must [have] skipped that class on genetics?” another responded.

While most of the responses were in synch with the governor’s statement, the debate raged on.

“So many responses talking about science & biology & chromosomes & genitals. I get it. I’m a science-minded guy,” another posted. “I don’t understand what it is to be trans. BUT I don’t need to understand. Just need to accept people for who they are & who they say they are. What’s wrong with that?”

Perhaps Murphy was just trolling the right and wanted to get a rise. Maybe he wanted to strengthen his transgender base for 2021.  Nobody knows, but the comment brought out both the ugliness of society and good in society.

In reality, though, more New Jerseyeans are now worried about health, finances, and the future.  Few woke up in the morning ready to debate gender studies on Twitter.  Many of the comments reverted back towards Murphy’s government policies, the pandemic,

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