Hoboken Wanted to Fine Residents for Breathing Fresh Air, But Council Voted it Down

HOBOKEN, NJ – Even in the liberal stronghold of Hoboken, New Jersey, common sense saved the day. That’s because the city wanted to pass an ordinance that would fine its residents for not wearing face masks when walking outdoors, breathing fresh air.   The city wanted to fine people $250 per instance, but residents showed up to protest the plan.

“20% of Americans are out of work, you are out of touch if you think that Hoboken residents haven’t been affected too,” said resident Rochelle Flynn, according to News 12 NJ. “So, I ask, how dare you, our representatives elected to act on our collective behalf, fine us for any reason you got, for exercising a human right to breathe fresh air.”

The measure was defeated by a 6-3 vote on Wednesday.

Steve Cohen, a councilman said the city must defend itself from mask-less visitors.

“Hoboken needs to instill a culture of compliance with respect to mask-wearing in places where it is impossible to practice social distancing. The failure to authorize the city to issue warnings and tickets for such risky misconduct emboldens ‘mask-less’ visitors to continue squeezing past us on our sidewalks and in our parks further diminishing the quality of life in our city,” he said.

Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

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