Movie Theaters Reopening This Week, Poll Shows Few Ready to Go Back

TOMS RIVER, NJ – During COVID-19 digital streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and HBO Max have seen record growth in the industry that is projected to reach $842 billion annually by 2027.   Now, as movie theaters are reopening, those video streaming platforms probably don’t have much to worry about, according to a new poll.  A poll by Morning Consultant this week found just 18% of consumers said they were likely to go to the movies in September, while 23% said they were likely to go some time this year.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy reopened theaters this week, making the state one of the last in the nation to reopen.

30% of the 1,413 U.S. adults who said they were uncomfortable going to a movie in September said being able to rent a theater for personal use would make them more likely to go to a movie theater. About one-quarter said offers for free movie tickets (25%) or free screenings of new movies (24%) would make them more likely to go.

AMC theaters are trying to get customers used to getting back into their seats by offering 15 cent classic movie showings.

“Movie theaters around the country are beginning to reopen after months of lockdown, dangling unconventional promotions to draw in hesitant patrons. New Morning Consult polling finds that most of the offers theaters are promoting won’t bring back crowds of moviegoers, but analysts suggest word of mouth and popular titles will likely help,” Morning Consultant said about their study. “But, as always, content is king. Theaters began screening older films, such as “Inception” or the “Harry Potter” series, until new releases slowly entered the fray.”


Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

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