New Jersey Trump Boat Parade Shatters Guinness World Record

Republican Congressional Candidate David Richter.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Until Saturday, the Guinness World Record for the largest ever boat parade.  The existing record is officially 1,080 vessels.  That parade was held in Terengganu, Malaysia in 2014.  A Trump boat parade in Clearwater, Florida claimed to have 3,400 boats and over 30,000 people.  That “Trumptilla” is being investigated by Guinness, but so far, those numbers have not been confirmed.

George Williams, who is a Republican councilman in Stafford Township helped parade organizer Chris Molla with the event.  Williams said the boat count on Saturday was 2,080, which would beat the Malaysian record by 1,000 vessels.

Williams served as the Grand Marshall of the parade.  David Richter, the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in New Jersey’s third Congressional District rode with Williams in the parade’s lead boat.


“What a great day at the Trump boat parade,” Richter said.  “Thanks to everyone who participated and let the world know that we stand up for our veterans, our law enforcement community and President Trump.”

Richter is running for office this year against leftist Democrat Andy Kim.  Kim, a staunch ally of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, U.S. Senator Cory Booker and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stood behind the liberal agenda of his partners in the Justice Democrat caucus since taking office nearly two years ago.  Kim, a radical socialist who called for a revolution and uprising against the American government prior to winning his seat in Congress has since tried to publicly camouflage his radical past.  Kim served as an aide to President Barack Obama before returning to New Jersey to run for Congress.  Kim was one of dozens of Obama Democrats to return to their home state after Trump’s election to continue the Obama era through winning seats in Congress. He is in the same freshman class as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Illhan Omar and others who sought to perform a coup of the federal government to support a leftist agenda.

“Thanks also to Chris Molla, George Williams and so many others for their hard work organizing the event,” Richter said.

Williams today said he has reached out Guinness to report his final tally.  He said he’s not done.  Williams and Molla are now planning an even larger parade and hope to beat this weekend’s turnout.

“Obviously we’re excited. But now we want to beat this one,” Williams said.



Republican Congressional Candidate David Richter on the lead boat in this weekend’s record-shattering Trump boat parade in New Jersey.


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