NJ now has a form to rat out people violating Murphy’s Law

TRENTON, NJ – Karens across New Jersey, rejoice.  You can now rat people out for violating New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s executive orders from the comfort of your own home.   That’s because the state created an online form.  The state is now even encouraging residents to call 911 to report dire executive order emergencies.

“If you are experiencing an emergency do not complete this form – please dial 911. If you believe an employer, organization, or entity is violating any Executive Order, please complete this form,” the form reads. “Compliance with Executive Orders is not voluntary. You may report a violation anonymously, but please note, it will make it more difficult for law enforcement to investigate the complaint.”

When it comes to what type of Murphy’s Law violation is being committed, here are your choices:

There’s even a spot to create your own violation description.

The form is available for rats of all sizes.  Little rats and big rats may use it.


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