Nancy Pelosi Using Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Death, Supreme Court Nomination to Raise Political Campaign Donations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Democrat Nancy Pelosi today used the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a campaign fundraiser through the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.   Ginsberg passed away this past weekend and before funeral arrangements for the former Supreme Court Justice have been finalized, Pelosi and the DCCC are using her death to fill the party’s campaign coffers.   An email was sent Tuesday afternoon, shortly after 3:00 pm, Eastern Time soliciting campaign donations to stop Mitch McConnell.

“This is urgent, Joe: I’m rushing to you to ask you for your help and your $1 to fortify our Majority. President Trump just told Fox News he’ll announce his Supreme Court nominee by the end of this week. I know Trump and Mitch McConnell will stop at nothing to push through an appointee. Phil, I cannot let Trump, McConnell, and their Republicans get away with this last-minute power grab. That’s why I’m calling for a massive fundraising day for our Democrats — 4,OOO grassroots gifts before midnight — to send Trump, McConnell, and their Republicans a message they can’t ignore. Please, Phil, will you join me in this fight with your $1 to elect Democrats? ALL GIFTS TRIPLE-MATCHED Triple match your $1 >> Triple match your $35 >> Triple match your $50 >> Triple match your $100 >> Triple match your $250 >> Or triple match another amount >> Thanks for your support during these unpredictable times, Nancy.”



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