Mail-In Ballot Absurdity As Long Lines Form At County Ballot Drop Off Locations

FREEHOLD, NJ – You can’t vote in-person in New Jersey because the COVID-19 virus will get you, but you can wait in long lines to drop off your COVID-19 free mail-in ballot.  These pictures were shared by Serena DiMaso showing long lines forming at the Monmouth County mail-in ballot drop-off location.  Voters waited in lines twenty to thirty deep for their chance to drop their ballot off in the most secure method available ahead of the November election.

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It’s another example of the failure of Governor Phil Murphy’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines, which don’t make sense to many people.   Why can voters in October wait in lines with mail-in ballots in hand be free of COVID-19 exposure, but voting on machines in just a few weeks will reignite the pandemic?  The action of going into a voting booth and casting ballots is no different than going into a supermarket and using the keypad at the checkout register.

“Another Murphy debacle,” DiMaso said.  “You can’t stand in line to vote in person on a machine but you can stand in line to drop of mandated vote by mail ballots. And ballots only just came, imagine what next week will bring? NJ deserves better.”

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