Teachers Caught on Hot Mic Degrading Students After Zoom Class Ended

Two teachers from the San Francisco Bay area’s Vallejo Unified School District are in hot water today after trash talking students after a Zoom meeting.  The teachers didn’t realize they were still connected and students and parents were still watching and listening to what they were saying.

“It’s so frustrating to know these kids are technologically illiterate,” one teacher said.

“Older staff members will say these kids are so technologically advanced,and I’m like no they’re f*cking not. No they’re not,” the other replied.

“The things that impress them are so sad. Oh, you’re impressed that a kid can record a TikTok, it’s literally one button,” the first teacher responded.

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Now, parents are calling for action and the school district is investigating saying, “VCUSD takes all student and parent complaints very seriously. We will evaluate our policies and procedures for online instruction, and will address any specific complaints regarding the appropriate conduct of our faculty and staff. We regret that any students were offended by this incident, and we will work carefully to resolve this matter.”