Shore News Rated Higher than Fox News, MSNBC By NewsGuard, Enters Top 1,000 News Sites in America

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Newsguard, an internationally recognized leader in news fact-checking and fake news filtering has rated Shore News Network higher than Fox News and MSNBC, according to the company.  Shore News Network, New Jersey’s largest conservative-leaning news platform received the coveted NewsGuard “green” shield, rating 75/100, topping most conservative news media outlets in America.

“In a time when conservative media is being judged harshly by social media giants like Twitter and Facebook, rising up above our competitors has been our goal at Shore News Network since day one,” said editor Phil Stilton. “When you’re a news service hated by both the left, the right and all of the in between political factions in your service area, you know you’re doing something right.”

NewsGuard is a browser extension created by NewsGuard Technologies. It labels news sources with either a green or red icon, indicating its general trustworthiness and whether it has a history of running stories labeled as fake news. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. It is included by default in the mobile version of Edge, though users must enable it.

NewsGuard has been on the frontlines of COVID-19 misinformation and this month, partnered with the Mount Sinai Health System to combat COVID-19 misinformation, which the company calls an “infodemic”.   The company has provided healthcare workers with a browser extension called, “HealthGuard”.

“By providing website ratings at the domain level, HealthGuard ‘prebunks’ false articles before they go viral, acting as a ‘vaccine’ against health hoaxes,” said Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard co-CEO.

According to Wikipedia, NewsGuard Technologies was founded in 2018 by Steven Brill and L. Gordon Crovitz, who serve as co-CEOs. Investors include the Knight Foundation and Publicis.The NewsGuard extension is installed in browsers and warns users when they view content from what it considers fake news websites. Journalists employed by NewsGuard Technologies score news sites on their reliability and general trustworthiness. The analysis is designed to be transparent and includes the name of the staffer who analyzed the site. Sites that score at least 60 out of 100 points based on nine criteria display a green icon next to their name, and ones that score lower get a red. Users can optionally read more information, including how the sites fared in each criterion.[4] The extension can also highlight potential conflicts of interest, such as websites that do not disclose that they are financed by lobbying groups.

Shore News Network scored 75/100 on NewsGuard’s rating scale.  In comparison, Fox News scored 69.5/100, MSNBC scored 70/100 and CNN, scored 87.5 out of 100.

“You never want to score 75 on a test, but when you learn how rigorous the NewsGuard test really is against even the nation’s largest news networks, then factor in the fact that we’re viewed as ‘conservative news’, it might as well be a 100,” Stilton added. “This ranking solidifies Shore News Network’s next step at going from a regional news provider to a national news provider that covers the entire east coast of the United States.”

Evan Haddad, one of the fact-checking analysts for NewsGuard said the company only checks news websites that entire the nation’s top 1,000 news websites, based on traffic and readership.   Haddad conducted a month-long audit of Shore News Network that began in late August and ended this week, awarding Shore News with the company’s “green shield”.

“We’d like to thank our fans, who submitted our website to NewsGuard for review,” Stilton added. “We have some of the best fans in the news business and we couldn’t be here without them.”

Shore News Network reaches over 6,000,000 readers each month through its news website,, Facebook, Twitter, Newsbreak and dozens of other social media platforms and mobile breaking news apps.

You can install the NewsGuard extension in your web browser today to start filtering out fake news by visiting the Newsguard website.