Governor Murphy Concedes Nobody Caught COVID-19 in NJ From Trump Visit


BEDMINSTER, NJ – Last week, Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats were pushing to find a COVID-19 outbreak as a result of President Donald J. Trump’s visit with donors at his Bedminister golf club.  After more than a week of contact tracing and investigation, Governor Murphy on Tuesday conceded there was no spread of the virus at the event, but said the Attorney General’s office will still continue their probe into an executive order violation against the event organizers.

“We’re not aware of any outbreaks,” Murphy told reporters Tuesday when asked about the event.

Murphy’s said the President’s event had put people at unnecessary risk and his administration health officials had contacted all 206 individuals at the event. Today, Dr. Richard Roberts of Lakewood said he was feeling a little bit out of breath.

Roberts said after his full karate workout at his Lakewood home yesterday, he did feel a little out of breath, but other than that he’s felt perfectly healthy since attending the event and had no symptoms of COVID-19.  Roberts has donated over $1,000,000 to the Trump campaign since 2016 and said he intends to make another sizable donation this year to support the President.

At the meeting, Roberts said no attendees at the roundtable which he participated in ever came within six feet of the President, and a doctor himself, said he never felt worried about contracting the virus from the President at the outdoor tent event where participants were tested for COVID-19 and socially distanced the entire time.


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