10 Movies That Would Trigger Protests if Released in 2022

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Times have changed over the decades as America and the world becomes more culturaly aware, in tune and yes, hypersensitive. What was viewed as good-natured comedy in the 1970s, 1980s and even the 1990s is now viewed as insensitive, racist, xenophobic and chauvenistic.  They were times when Americans could take a light-hearted approach to culturally and racially sensitive issues.   The ability to laugh at oneself is a trait many Americans no longer possess.  Today, humor is met with scorn and if you stray beyond the norms of what is socially acceptable, you can find yourself in trouble.  That wasn’t a concern in America’s past.  Here are 10 movies that would trigger widespread hysteria and protests if made today, even though it’s the same Hollywood elites that created these films that would be the first to right a social injustice in film today.

Blazing Saddles



History of the World Part One

Tropic Thunder


Fritz the Cat

Heavy Traffic

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Bad News Bears

Song of the South