Woman Caught Red-Handed Vandalizing Trump Sign in One of New Jersey’s “Most Trumpiest” Towns

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JACKSON, NJ – The election might be over, or it might not be over, but one thing is certain, Trump Derangement Syndrome is as prevalent as COVID-19 in America.  In blue-state New Jersey, liberals outnumber Republicans by a nearly two to one margin, but in Jackson Township, that’s not the case.  Jackson Township was one of the top three “Trumpiest” towns in New Jersey during both Trump elections, so it’s no surprise that when a Trump hater removed a sign in front of a home here, not only was she caught on multiple surveillance cameras, but a passing neighbor stopped to offer help.

“I was putting my groceries away when I heard a knock at my door,” said Jackson resident Tracey, last name withheld because well, that’s the world we live in today.  “A neighbor down the street alerted me that he stopped a woman that was Canvassing the front of my home and taking down my Donald Trump signs from my front lawn!”

In the video, the neighbor driving a large pickup truck happened upon the woman who pulled the Trump campaign sign from the front lawn and threw it into the street.  The entire ordeal was caught on camera.   The video was uploaded to a community Facebook page called Jackson, NJ.

The neighbor told the woman that it wasn’t her property and that she needed to stop and then exchanged words with the neighbor. Finally, after he threatened to call the police, she hopped back into her lib-mobile and sped away.

“My neighbor who I don’t know he just lives down the street is the hero and this woman was totally unacceptably not in her right mind,” the homeowner said. “This is my home this is my property and Donald Trump is the President of the United States and no matter what I can hang any flag I want on my property or put any sign I want on my lawn and no one has the right to remove it from my property!”