Twelve More New Jersey Bars, Restaurants, Barber Shop, Salon Hit with COVID-19 Violations, State Says


TRENTON, NJ –  New Jersey is continuing its enforcement crackdown against small business owners who are violating Governor Phil Murphy’s orders to cease operations and shut down during the second wave of COVID-19.  The governor has ordered all bar services to cease and for restaurants and bars to stop serving indoor patrons at 10 p.m., where scientific studies that do not exist, show that is when COVID-19 is most dangerous and contagious.

“With regards to Executive Order compliance, I’ll just quickly go through 13 different citations. There were six of them in Plainfield and seven in Newark. In Plainfield, Latino Heat Bar was cited for a violation, not only once but twice, so that makes up two of the six,” said New Jersey’s top COVID-19 enforcer, State Police Superintendent Patrick Callahan.  “Also, Hugo’s Nightclub was cited, Perone’s Nightclub in Plainfield was cited. Pueblo Oviedo was cited in Plainfield, Chez Marie Nightclub. Moving on to the ones in Newark, Miyagi Barbershop was cited for EO violations. Style, another salon, was cited. Also in Newark, Zaluba Bar 437 was cited. Newark Police also responded and cited Sports Bar 865. Also, Ferry Street BBQ in Newark cited, as was Vivo Lounge 167 and Esther’s Place 666.”

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New Jersey is edging towards a second lockdown as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. This week, neighboring Delaware, New York City and Pennsylvania completely shut down indoor dining, impacting the already devastated industry. In New Jersey, there is no relief for businesses shut down by the Governor’s executive orders.

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