Chris Christie Tells Trump, “Accept Defeat”, there’s no evidence of election fraud


MORRISTOWN, NJ – Former New Jersey Governo Chris Christie knew when to quit.  After leaving Trenton with the lowest approval rating of any governor he ran for higher office, President of the United States.  When he saw he was running in the gutter with polling numbers hovering just around 1%, Christie threw in the towel.

Now, Christie is telling President Trump to throw in the towel.  Christie went on CNN with Chris Cuomo to talk about his past mistakes…catching COVID-19, supporting Trump, etc.  Christie went on to lead the Trump transition team in 2016 and now says it’s time to transition again.

“Whenever anyone loses an election, a party, an individual, there’s a great disappointment,” Christie, best known for his Bridgegate scandal said. “Elections have consequences and this one was clearly won by President-elect Joe Biden by the same margin in the electoral college and even more than double in the popular vote.”

Christie dismissed Trump’s claims of election fraud, saying as a former U.S. prosecutor, he sees no evidence.

Christie boasted about the Republican Party’s victories down-ballot, “We had a great night except at the top of the ticket.”

“We need to accept that and we need to move on,” Christie said.

When asked if he was a RINO, he said, “I’m a person who relies on the facts. The facts are that every one of these lawsuits have been thrown out of court not because these judges and certainly not the justices of the Supreme Court lacked courage, it’s because the claims lacked evidence.”

“Name-calling won’t change anything,” Christie said. “I’ve known him for 20 years, he’s not going to accept losing lightly. Most of his friends told him it’s time to move on with a difficult defeat.”

Cuomo said Trump’s claims of election fraud were “bullshit”.

Christie agreed saying, “The President had his chance to prove these things in court and they’ve just not been proven.”







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