Trump: Democrat lockdowns doing far more damage to Americans than “China Virus”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald J. Trump today took a shot at Democrat governors across America who are edging their states back into lockdown claiming those lockdowns are doing more damage than the actual coronavirus, which he referred to as the “China virus”.

“The lockdowns in Democrat-run states are absolutely ruining the lives of so many people – Far more than the damage that would be caused by the China Virus. Cases in California have risen despite the lockdown, yet Florida & others are open & doing well. Common sense please,” Trump said on Saturday.

Trump’s statement came as many Democrat governors have begun restricting private businesses such as bars and restaurants, instituting shutdowns, and curfews.

In New York City, Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down indoor dining city-wide after high rates of COVID-19 positivity was reported.  In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy shut down bar service and instituted a 10 p.m. curfew on indoor dining.   Other Democrat states have acted similarly in response to the second wave of COVID-19.

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Those governors have also placed restrictions on indoor family gatherings during the holidays, most limiting events to 10 members of the same family, warning families not to travel long distances to reunite during the holiday season.

The impact of the COVID-19 restaurant restrictions is visible and hundreds of restaurants in New Jersey have shut their doors for good, unable to make ends meet with the cap on indoor dining.  Now, bars are starting to feel the financial pressure.  In New Jersey, there is no financial relief by the state to assist those businesses whether the shutdowns.

Trump’s opinion on the subject contradicts the message at the ground level being issued by those governors who claim their decisions are based on science and health guidelines to save lives.