Watch: Masked gunmen wildly flail and shoot 20 times at man answering his front door in Philly


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Last week a man walking his dog was randomly shot and killed by a man who was out on pre-trial bail reform release.  This week, two gunmen opened fire on an unsuspecting man just answering his front door.  You can see in the video, the two thugs randomly shooting, luckily not hitting anyone.  Gun violence surged in Philadelphia in 2020 as over 2,000 people were shot in the city.

On Friday, January 15, 2021, at 1:17 pm, 39th District Police responded to 5043 Greene Street for a report of “Gunshots”. The complainant states the males started shooting at him as he was standing on his porch and as he ran into his house the offenders fired multiple times into the residence. The offenders fired at least (20) times at the complainant.  Suspect Description: Two unknown black males wearing dark clothing with hooded sweatshirts pulled tight to their face and masks.

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