Bail Reform Failure: Court ordered ankle bracelet not enough to stop 15-year-old on second illegal firearms charge

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SPRINGFIELD, MA – Springfield Police Narcotics Detectives under the direction of Sgt. Christopher Hitas and Sgt. James Mazza arrested a 15 year old male with an illegally possessed firearm for the second time in two months on Thursday night.
After an investigation Narcotics Detectives requested and were granted a search warrant for the juvenile’s home on Forest Park Avenue. At approximately 7:10pm Narcotics Detectives attempted to execute the search warrant and after knocking and announcing their presence they could hear and see an individual, identified as the target of the investigation, frantically running throughout the house with the belief that he was attempting to hide evidence. The juvenile then attempted to flee through another door as Detectives were waiting outside and he was detained.
During the search of the home Detectives located a loaded firearm and arrested the juvenile. This same juvenile was arrested on November 10th, 2020 with a loaded firearm and released with a court-ordered GPS ankle bracelet pending the resolution of his case. The juvenile faces numerous firearms charges and a probation violation charge.
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