Chris Christie: Republicans are Shameful, This Election Was Not Stolen


MORRISTOWN, NJ – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and on-again, off-again Trump supporter this week said it is shameful that some Republicans are still claiming widespread election fraud and that the election was not stolen.

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“This election was not stolen. All of the facts point in that direction,” Christie, an ABC contributor said on the network’s “This Week” broadcast. “I’m a former prosecutor. I make decisions based upon evidence, not based upon feelings or partisanship, or loyalty. You make those decisions based upon evidence. The evidence here has shown right from the beginning, while every election has some irregularities, and I’m sure this one did too, there was no type of irregularities that would have changed the result in any one state, let alone the four states that would need to have been changed for the result of the election to have been changed.”

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