Whack-a-Mole: Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Owned Hillary Clinton on Twitter

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Whatever happened to Hillary Clinton?  Last we heard she was hiding in a basement deleting emails and shredding documents.  Clinton has popped her head out of the bunker from time to time over the past four years, but each time, it’s like a game of whack a mole, somebody always hits her on the head and sends her back in her hole. Today was no different after Clinton popped her head up to take a shot at George Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene saying Greene should be put on a watchlist because she is a Republican.

“This woman should be on a watch list,” the elder stateswoman who allowed four Americans to die in the Benghazi raid. “Not in Congress.”

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Greene immediately struck back telling Clinton, “Actually, Hillary Clinton, you should be in jail #lockherup”