Vaccine Debacle: Phil Murphy Cuts Ocean County Vaccine Deliveries by 40%

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – New Jersey can’t keep up with the demand for COVID-19 vaccine and as the Biden administration scrambles to figure out the vaccine supply chain, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and his administration have announced further vaccine rationing.

Ocean County Commissioner Geri Little said on Wednesday that for the “foreseeable” future the county will only receive 3,000 doses per week as the COVID-19 vaccine shortage starts to take hold.  The county has since closed new registrations for the vaccine and the state’s mega-sites have also run dry.  At that rate, it would take 38 weeks to vaccinate the approximate 400,000 or so eligible residents in Ocean County.  Unless the supply increase, Ocean County can complete vaccinations until the middle of October as each person needs two doses of the vaccine.

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Little said he would not criticize Governor Phil Murphy or the Biden administrator.