Self Hating Capitalist AOC Making Big Bank From “Tax the Rich” Merch and Kevin O’Leary Wants in on the Action

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WASHINGTON, DC – Self-hating capitalist Fashionista Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez is price gouging her supporters selling an $18 sweatshirt for $58 after slapping a single color, white ink “Tax The Rich” screenprint and jacking the price nearly three times the actual cost.  The shirts are selling like hotcakes. In fact, AOC is all sold out at the moment.  Don’t forget the $5 shipping charge.

The sweatshirt is a Bayside 1102 garment made by Bayside Apparel, an American based company.  The wholesale price of the 1102 shirts ranges from $18 to $20 per shirt.

Ironically, her “Tax The Rich” sweatshirts are barely affordable for her constituents making less than $15 an hour. I mean which single mom with three kids in New York City, working two jobs trying to make ends meet has $58 for a sweatshirt that says “Tax the Rich”?

Even if they are working at $15 per hour, after taxes, the average Ocasio-Cortez supporter would have to work a staggering six hours just to buy the sweatshirt.

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On the flip side, AOC is banking $38 per shirt, a healthy profit that even garnered the attention of Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary.

“Everybody wants to buy this off me,” O’Leary said. “This proves it. Inside of every socialist, there is a capitalist screaming to get out.”

O’Leary estimates OAC is working on an 85% gross margin.

“That’s spectacular,” he said. “AOC, call me, we can blow this thing up and make a fortune, call me.”

If you want to buy some good AOC merch, check out the AOC Triggered shop, featured in the main photo.