Jose Canseco fight: daughter speaks out after father’s first round KO to Barstool Sports intern

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It was the match to end all matches.  It was the definitive grudge match between former, and some say shamed, Major League Baseball slugger Jose Canseco and Barstool Sports.   Canseco said the fight would once and for all show what kind of chumps the ‘kids’ over at Barstool Sports were.

10 seconds later, it was over.

Canseco sat on the mat of the ring after being quickly pummeled by Bill Football, with his hands up in defeat.  Then he walked away with $1,000,000.

Enter Dave “The Chump” Portnoy who obviously got played by Canseco who just left the entire internet with their jaws dropped.  Portnoy’s contract with Canseco had a revenue sharing agreement with Canseco.

“Foul ball!” the fans and Portnoy cried, suggesting Canseco threw the fight.  After looking at the video, the evidence was pretty clear.  Canseco got his a*s kicked.

But, this is the internet and Twitter rage is real.  Today, stoolies Twitter raged on Canseco’s daughter Josie.

“I know it’s all fun n games for the internet trolls but a lot of this stuff breaks my heart. please be kind:( this is my family. the only one I have. just leave me out of the hate. please,” Josie Canseco said, pleading with the frothing stoolies launching tirades in her direction.  “I feel weird commenting on this but my dad told me he tried his best tonight w his injuries n I believe him. whether or not I approve of shit he’s done, I love and support him as my dad. please if u don’t mind leaving me out of the backlash I’d really appreciate it.”

Here are three reasons why you should leave Josie Canseco out of it.