Congresswoman Asks Why National Guard Still Sleeping in Cold Parking Garages

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WASHINGTON, DC. – Congresswoman Lauren Beobert today shared photographs she claimed are of National Guard troops Monday night sleeping outside in the sub-freezing weather in a parking garage in Washington, D.C.

“Why is it that nearly 3 weeks after the initial outrage, Nancy Pelosi is still having our National Guard troops take their breaks & sleeping in freezing cold garages? These photos were taken last night! This needs to stop NOW,” Boebert tweeted.

Some two weeks after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Washington, D.C. still resembles a warzone and not the capital of the leader of the free world.  Democrats in D.C. have said the troops will remain through the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump and possibly through March. There is no estimate on when the walls, fences and barricades around the U.S. Capitol building will be removed.

It is unsure at this time whether these National Guard soldiers were sleeping in the garage or just using the garage for a break.


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