L.A. County Health Inspector Caught Doing Victory Dance After Mistakenly Shutting Down Brewery on Super Bowl Sunday


LANCASTER, CA – There’s a fiery place in hell for those people in America that aid and abed their liberal bosses who are hellbent on shutting down small business.  There’s a special place for one Los Angeles County Health Inspector who did a victory dance after she mistakenly shut down a local brewery on Super Bowl Sunday.

The owner of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California said his business was visited by a Los Angeles County health inspector who told him he needed to shut down for violating the state and county’s COVID-19 laws.  California and Los Angeles have brutalized small businesses with some of the strictest anti-business lockdown measures in America.

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Avery was annoyed at the victory dance, saying his business had been decimated financially by the county’s overreaching rules against small businesses.  The inspector claimed the brewery needed to have a food truck to serve alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday, but later, the wayward inspector realized that Avery was indeed in compliance.  He received a call the next day from a county supervisor apologizing for the mixup.

It turns out, Avery was only selling alcohol to go, which is acceptable, even under the worst business lockdown in the country.

Overzealous health inspectors have been harassing businesses countywide, and last wee, things boiled over when the owners of a taco stand got into a physical brawl with a pesky health inspector, although those food truck operators were later found to be operating without a license.

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Here’s another case of an overzealous inspector hassling a business owner back in December.