12 illegal aliens, driver dead in “horrific’ crash after crossing U.S. Mexico Border

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Imperial City, CA – Authorities suspect that a vehicle full of mostly undocumented individuals were involved in an illegal crossing of the U.S.-Mexico border at 6:15 am.  The crash occurred just 15 miles north of the border.

Authorities here say 27 people were crammed into an 8 passenger Ford Expedition when their vehicle crashed into a fully loaded rock truck.

Twelve of the presumed illegal aliens died at the scene, including the driver and one died later in the hospital.

The ages of the dead were between 22 and 50 and injured victims were as young as 15, local responding law enforcement officials said earlier on Tuesday.

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Adolphe Edward, Chief Executive of the nearby El Centro Regional Medical Center said the remaining victims suffered extensive injuries.

Edward also said the victims were undocumented illegal aliens who had crossed the border recently.

Later in the day, Edward said the victims of the crash were patients in need of care, should not be seen as ‘undocumented immigrants’.

Numerous people were ejected onto the roadway during the collision.  Authorities are working with the Mexican consulate to identify the victims.  Border Patrol Agents are assisting local authorities with Spanish to English translations at the scene.