Racism on the high seas as fisherman casts the N-word and more during boat rage incident

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STUART, FL – Nothing is sacred anymore, not even the sanctity of the open sea on a sunny day with a fishing pole in hand.

This week, a beef between fishermen got racially heated after a white fisherman accused a black man and his white friend of “waking him out”, passing by his boat at a high rate of speed.

The white fisherman yelled, “Shut your fucking n*gger mouth! Shut up n*gger!”

The boat raging white fisherman then called the white man a “F-ggot”.

“It’s horrible. Saying those things, making threats, circling around the boat, it’s just unacceptable,” the black fisherman later told the local CBS affiliate.

At the end of the day, the white fisherman casting out the racial slurs caught only the national attention and the ire of pretty much everyone in America.

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