Who gave immigrants the Biden Please Let Us In t-shirts? How can I buy one?

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Last week, hundreds of Central American migrants showed up at the U.S. border with Mexico wearing t-shirts that had the Biden 2020 style logo with the words, “Biden, Please Let Us Un!” written across the front.

To date, it is not known where these latest arrivals at the border got the shirts from.

Many Americans are speculating that a nefarious donor with political ties may have distributed the shirts, but there’s no proof of that speculation.

What is known is that in the days since those photographs were spread across the country, several t-shirts and merch vendors popped up selling replicas of the shirts.

The Biden, Please Let Us In slogan has essentially become a battle cry for both sides of the political spectrum.

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On the right, the slogan is being used as an attempt to mock the relaxed border policies of Joe Biden. On the left, it is a heartfelt message of compassion towards illegal immigrants and their troubles faced along the way to America.

A simple Google Search of the slogan will show several vendors selling different variations of the shirts.  You can even buy baby onesies and other garments with the slogan.

While the path for these migrants towards become citizens is cloudy at best, one thing is clear, capitalism is alive and well in America.