Murphy slams Ciattarelli on misogynistic attack against female supreme court nominee

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Planned Parenthood Location. Planned Parenthood Provides Reproductive Health Services in the US IV
Planned Parenthood Location. Planned Parenthood Provides Reproductive Health Services in the US IV

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today, who is running for re-election criticized his opponent Jack Ciattarelli over statements the Republican candidate made against women’s healthcare rights in New Jersey.

“Earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial candidate and Chris Christie loyalist Jack Ciattarelli added to his failed record on women’s issues by launching a misogynistic attack against Governor Murphy’s nominee for the New Jersey Supreme Court Rachel Wainer Apter,” Jerrell Harvey, campaign manager. “It’s yet another out-of-touch position from Ciattarelli, who wants to turn back the clock for women in New Jersey.”

During an interview on the New Jersey Globe Power Hour on TalkRadio 77 WABC, Ciattarelli proudly boasted about his plans to cut essential State funding for women’s health care and family planning services, stating “I don’t believe that tax dollars should be used for abortions or for agencies that necessarily advocate for abortions.”

“Apparently for Governor Murphy, it’s not enough for the Democrats to control all branches of government in New Jersey,” said Ciattarelli.  “He feels the need to lurch our court even further to the left instead of finding a moderate middle ground. Murphy’s nominee is an inexperienced activist who will unfairly legislate from the bench.”

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As a member of the State Legislature, Jack was a steadfast supporter of Governor Christie’s anti-women agenda, repeatedly voting to strip funding from essential health care and family planning providers such as Planned Parenthood. A decision that had disastrous consequences for women across New Jersey, including the shuttering of six women’s health clinics, a spike in STD rates, and the elimination of preventative health services in communities of color.

Despite the increasingly hostile threat that a Trump-packed U.S. Supreme Court poses to reproductive health care, Ciattarelli also took the opportunity to slam the Reproductive Freedom Act, stating “Nobody believes in that no matter where they are on the political spectrum.”

The bill would expand and protect access to reproductive health care for all New Jerseyans regardless of income level, immigration status, or gender identity.

“For years, Jack Ciattarelli happily joined former Governor Christie’s anti-women crusade in Trenton, preventing tens of thousands of women from accessing high-quality, affordable health care,” said Murphy for Governor Spokesman Jerrel Harvey. “As his voting record demonstrates, Jack poses a significant threat to reproductive freedom, and his fanatical departure from mainstream views would see women’s rights in New Jersey return to the chopping block.”