Reporter fired for “F-cking Hot Nurse” Caption Was Arrested During BLM Riot in Asbury last summer


A former Asbury Park Reporter fired today for captioning a photograph of an Orthodox Jewish nurse administering COVID-19 vaccines as “F-cking hot nurse” and caller her a “JAP” was arrested by police in Asbury Park during the June 1st Black Lives Matter protest.

Gustavo Martinez Contreras claims he was a victim of police brutality, saying in a lawsuit filed against multiple agencies that arresting officers targeted him because he was a member of the press.

Police body cam footage that night shows police targeting Contreras as a hostile actor participating in the riot.

“It’s a female that’s causing problems,” officers are heard saying on bodycam footage, confusing the longhaired reported with a woman.

“F-ck him, he’s the problem,” an officer is heard saying on the video, pointing at Contreras. “F-ck him, he’s gotta go. You think I’m playing with these jokers.”

“I’m a reporter, bro,” Contreras told the officers as he was being cuffed on the ground.

Contreras has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the City of Asbury Park, Monmouth County, Belmar, Asbury Park Police Captain Amir Bercovicz and 14 other unnamed police officers.

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