New Jersey, One of America’s Most Locked Down States Leading the Third Wave of COVID-19


TRENTON, NJ – Under the administration of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey has been one of the most locked down states in America. It is a state that limits indoor dining, shut down bars, restricted sporting events and mandates that all residents wear facemasks when not socially distanced.

New Jersey has restrictions on the workplace, restrictions on in-person school instruction and restrictions on sporting events.

Until recently, social gatherings in groups of more than 10 were illegal and restaurants were capped at 25% capacity.

Governor Phil Murphy has routinely justified his extended lockdown claiming it is what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Murphy often says his decisions are based on science. Now, it appears as if the science isn’t working, because New Jersey now leads the nation in COVID-19 cases.

None of the safeguards implemented by Murphy are working. No amount of sending police to arrest business owners who defy his orders has worked.

New Jersey is in bad shape compared to the rest of the country, yet it also ranks high in the nation as most people vaccinated per capita.

Something isn’t working. What is it?

Today, Murphy said the state is expecting a third wave COVID-19 after the Passover and Easter holidays. He presented multiple models after hospitalizations are increasing nearly 30% over the past two weeks.

In a moderate case scenario, there will be a peak in mid-April, Murphy said. He also presented a doom and gloom scenario that could see a sharp increase.

“We’re in for a long hot summer,” Murphy said if his doomsday scenario comes to fruition, saying there will be peaks in mid-May and mid-June.

At this time, 20% of New Jersey residents have been fully vaccinated, yet New Jersey is #2 in the nation in rate of new cases.

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