Ted Cruz posts a video of his daughter hitting an inside the park HR and the unhinged left unhinges


Nothing is sacred on Twitter, even after proud dad, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz watched his 10-year-old daughter Catherine hit an inside the park home run and posted the proud daddy moment on Twitter.

What would normally be met with comments like, “Great hit”, “You must be so proud” and “Way to go Catherine” by the sane folks in America, Cruz’s video was met instead with vile hatred and anger that is the trademark of the unhinged liberal left in America.A

As Cruz was jumping out of his shoes as his daughter rounded the bases in what is one of the most pure moments of American life, the left used the video to attack the Senator.

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Posting videos of his daughter, mocking his policy and posting memes, the left continues their endless war in the Twitterverse against Cruz as if any of it is anything more than a waste of their time…but it makes them feel good inside, so they keep going, hoping it gets under the skin of the Senator.

That’s how it works…but it doesn’t work.

We say, “Great hit Catherine” and continue playing hard and follow your dreams!