Here are 5 companies leading the online remote learning industry worldwide

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The global academic e-learning market has the potential to grow by USD 72.41 billion during 2020-2024, according to the latest market research report by Technavio

The report highlights key products offered by the top five vendors and their contribution to the overall growth of the market.

The launch of new online degrees will be crucial in driving the growth of the global academic e-learning market during the forecast period. The increasing acceptance of online courses has been encouraging academic institutions across the world to offer online degrees. For instance, in 2017, Aston University in the UK partnered with Keypath Education, an online education services company in the US to expand its online degree offering. The university now offers online master’s degrees in accounting, finance, and management to local and international students. The launch of such online degrees will increase the number of degree enrolments, thereby driving the demand for academic e-learning.

“The increasing adoption of paid open-source LMS has been a prominent factor in boosting the market growth. Also, the availability of subject proficiency assessments and certifications will positively impact the market as well as the education services industry in the forthcoming years”, says an analyst at Technavio.

Academic E-learning Market: Competitive Vendor Landscape

The market is fragmented due to the presence of many players. Ambow Education Holding Ltd., D2L Corp., Instructure Inc., MPS Ltd., and New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. are some of the major market participants. To help clients improve their market position, this academic e-learning market report provides a detailed analysis of the market leaders and offers information on the competencies and capacities of these companies. The report also covers details on the market’s competitive landscape and offers information on the products offered by various companies.

Top Five Vendors in the Global Academic E-learning Market:

Ambow Education Holding Ltd.

Ambow Education Holding Ltd. operates its business through segments such as Better Schools, Better Jobs, and Others. The company offers online school education services, tutoring services, and international education programs for academics.

D2L Corp.

D2L Corp. operates its business through segments such as Schools, Higher education, and Corporate learning. Brightspace Core is one of the LMS offered by the company to schools and institutes of higher education.

Instructure Inc.

Instructure Inc. operates its business through segments such as Subscription and support and Professional services and other. The company offers academic e-learning programs through its e-learning platforms such as Canvas Assessment and Bridge. Some of these include Bridge Learn and Bridge Practice.

MPS Ltd.

MPS Ltd. operates its business through segments such as Content solutions and Platform solutions. The company offers academic courses through its platforms such as DigiCore and MPSTrak.

New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc.

New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. operates its business through segments such as Educational programs and services and Books and other services. The company offers a wide range of academic e-learning courses including math, Chinese, geography, physics, and chemistry.


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