AOC has discovered the secret to peace in the Middle East…the how to get to the what with that thing


WASHINGTON, DC – It’s a process that hasn’t really worked in over 70 years, the Middle East peace process. Henry Kissinger couldn’t do it. Ronald Reagan fell short. Bill Clinton couldn’t get it done. Neither of the Bush’s was able to do it. Rival factions of Trump and Obama were never really able to put the finishing touches on it.

Joe Biden may set the process back thirty years, but luckily, 31-year-old Brooklyn taco stand bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has figured it out.

AOC has discovered the secret to peace in the Middle East that everyone prior to her has been overlooking, “It’s the how to get to the what.”

Finally, the Middle East is on a clear path toward peace between Muslims, Arabs and Jews.

“You know, earlier, just now, you and I were talking about the “what” and the “how.” And I think that when we talk about peace, centering people’s humanity, protecting people’s rights,” AOC said, revealing the key to peace. “It’s not just about the “what” and the end goal, which often gets a lot of focus, but I actually think it’s much more about the “how”, and the way we are coming together, and how we interpret that “what”, and how we act in, you know, the actions we take to get to that what.”

The second part is valuing human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.

“We value Jewish and, rather, we value Israeli, uh, uh, uh, we value the safety and human rights of Israelis, we value the safety and human rights of Palestinians,” she added.

You can listen to AOC’s stunning revelation below.

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