Fauci says COVID-19 booster shots are likely in the future for vaccinated Americans


Dr. Anthony Fauci says there’s a very good possibility that Americans who are completely vaccinated with one of the several COVID-19 vaccines will most likely need booster shots at some point in the future.

“We need to be careful about that six month number. The study only went out as far as six months. We know for sure it’s effective for six months, but highly likely that it will be effective for considerably longer period of time. The way to get the answer is to follow people closely enough to determine when that level of efficacy or protect diminishes,” Fauci said this weekend. “So the good news is that it’s at least six months. Hopefully a lot more. But in direct answer to your question, if it turns out a year or a year and a half, we very well may need to get booster shots to keep up the level of protection.”

Fauci made the announcement during an interview with Mehdi Hasan on MSNBC.

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