The media totally isn’t interested in Hunter Biden at all, just Trump, Jr.

The American news media that went as far as to criticize former President Trump’s young son Baron during his presidency is totally uninterested in covering any of the numerous ongoing scandals regarding President Biden’s son Hunter. In fact, they are fawning over Hunter who is on tour promoting his new book “Beautiful Things“.

No amount of Parmesan cheese smoking will capture the attention of the media that ignored

“After reading this book, I’m impressed that you’re alive,” said Jimmy Kimmel during an interview this week on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. “After all the crazy things you’ve been through.”

“You were doing crack at the places I eat,” Kimmel joked, thanking the former first son’s crack addiction for educating him on how to buy crack.

“I was at every hotel and motel in Los Angeles,” he said until he got kicked out. The book details how Hunter used to cruise Hollywood looking for a crack fix.

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Kimmel said he thinks about Trump all the time and is hoping for a similar bombshell story on the former President’s son, Don, Jr.

“I’m surprised you have shoes on,” Kimmel joked about Biden’s crack addiction. It’s not just Kimmel, CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets have also been ignoring the Biden controversies.

CNN called Hunter Biden’s book about his crack addiction, sex with hookers and drug binging. “A window into America’s Soul”.

“Because there is a real upside for both Hunter and Joe Biden in centering Hunter’s challenges of addiction. Now that Americans have come to treat addiction with more empathy, both Bidens understand that a story of addiction would not compound the conspiracies swirling around Hunter, but offer a potential escape from them,” CNN reported.

MSNBC has barely uttered a word about Hunter Biden since 2020. On the other side of the political spectrum, Donald Trump, Jr., is a regular target of both networks, getting more airtime than the current President’s son.

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