Asian YouTuber Uncle Roger Trolls Jamie Oliver’s Bad Asian Recipes, Wet Rice


After criticizing celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s terrible rendition of rice last year, Malaysian YouTuber and comedian “Uncle Roger” continues to troll the British chef. The 29-year-old comedian whose name is Nigel Ng continues growing his channel at the expense of Oliver.

It started seven months ago when Uncle Roger criticized the chef’s fried rice which appeared on the BBC. The rice came out soggy and well, far from being authentic.

“So many sad things happened,” Uncle Roger said about the disaster. He has since gone on to troll Oliver in many of his videos, even mentioning Oliver’s rice in a Gordan Ramsay rice video.

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Ng noticed Ramsay’s overly dried skin and recommended, “Maybe Gordon Ramsay should put some of Jamie Oliver’s wet rice on his face.”

He eventually gave Ramsay his seal of approval for making authentically cooked fried rice. Ramsay eventually thanked Ng for the comments, “‘Happy you approve Roger!”

Last week, Ng took another shot at Oliver making Ramen, saying, “Jamie Oliver ALMOST made Ramen.”

Oliver has yet to respond to Ng.

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