Republican introduces bill to ban COVID-19 passports that will likely never pass in New Jersey


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Mike Testa gets an “A” for effort, but lacking the votes in Trenton, his new bill to oppose Governor Phil Murphy’s support for a vaccination passport ID card. That card would grant rights to citizens who have been vaccinated and revoke the rights of those who have yet to receive their vaccine.

The bill will probably never make it to Murphy’s desk and if it does, the governor has already indicated he supports a COVID-19 vaccination passport.

Following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement of the Excelsior Pass program which will allow people to prove their vaccination or COVID-19 status, Senator Michael Testa introduced legislation that would bar such ‘Vaccine Passport’ from being mandated in New Jersey.

“No Government entity should require their residents to carry a ‘Vaccine Passport’ around to gain access to schools, businesses, and their daily life,” Senator Testa stated. “These types of passports completely violate an individual’s right to personal freedoms, and they are a direct violation of HIPPA laws.

“The rapid erosion of individual privacy rights threatens the liberties and freedoms of every New Jersey resident,” Testa continued. “There is a balance between protecting public health without violating American Constitutional Rights. Time and time Governor Murphy has crossed the line and we must ensure he is barred from enacting ‘Vaccine Passports.’”

Testa’s bill prohibits the State, or any political subdivision of the State, from requiring a private business to confirm that an individual received a vaccination for the COVID-19 in order for the individual to be granted entry on the premises of the private business.

Unfortunately for Testa, who makes a wicked loaf of bread, the Republican party remains powerless in Trenton and show up in Trenton pretty much as a matter of procedure as Democrats control the assembly, the senate and the governor’s office.

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