How the and of the free became the land of fear and the home of the afraid

Dr Ragnar Purje
Pacific Paradise
Queensland Australia
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“Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech” (Benjamin Franklin). When this is achieved, evil is the outcome. Edmund Burke noted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And it is history which informs: When fear rules, there is only ever one outcry, the deafening sound of silence.

At this point in time, as the riots, looting and arson has presented, in terms of evidence, is that America is in the grip of a powerful social evil that is tearing at the very fabric of what America is. To add to this are the words of President Biden himself, in his State of the Union Address when he said that his administration aims to “root out systemic racism that plagues America … White supremacy is terrorism” and has “surpassed Jihadism” as a menace.”

Those words are the words of self-destruction. Those words give permission to all those that have a mind to attack white people at will, and to also attack all aspects of America’s infrastructure and all America’s institutions at will. These words by President Biden are the most dangerous words ever spoken by any democratic leader of any nation, ever! These words have the principal political elements that is known as The Night of the Long Knives.

This event took place in Germany between June 30 to July 2, 1934. The purpose of which was to eliminate all opposition to the leadership of Adolf Hitler, and his party. During this time, history records that over 150 people were murdered and hundreds more were arrested. And what is that happened in New York on April 28, 2021?

Federal agents executed search warrants at the Manhattan apartment and office of former New York mayor and advisor to President Trump, that of Mr Rudy Giuliani. In terms of principle, is there any difference between this raid of 2021 and that of 1934?

That indisputable fact is that universal truths are forever true. History always informs. The world is always watching. Barbarians at the gates of America and they are eagerly waiting for the current self-destruction to continue prior to their invasion taking place.

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When mainstream news and statements by elected officials become ideological propaganda, there is no point to reading, watching or listening to what is being presented. That is because propaganda continues to be as it is defined: propaganda is deceptive, manipulative and misleading information, which is presented for the purpose to deceive and manipulate thoughts and behaviours of people; with the main function of ensuring that the people will act in a particular manner in accordance with the presented information. Collective vociferous marches, protests, and specifically directed violence and riots are the hallmark of successful propaganda.

Added to this, the axiomatic facts is that following is taking place: (1) that there are media outlets and elected officials who are ensuring that their particular self-serving political denials or accusations are taking place; (2) that there are self-righteous ideological pontifications taking place by media commentators and elected officials; (3) that sociopolitical censorship of objective facts by the mainstream media and some elected officials are taking place: (4) that enforced social silencing (pertaining to facts) and the active shutting down of objective journalistic reality reporting will not take place.

However, as history informs, malevolence such as this cannot hide objective truths when they are seen and heard by those who understand the importance of reporting objective universal truths for a society to survive. Colloquially this is known as: “reporting the facts.”

Recent fact. The call for violence by elected officials of a nation has taken place, and it continues to take place. Recent fact. The call by elected officials and so-called leaders of a nation who publicly demand what a court case verdict must be, has taken place. Recent fact. The ongoing censorship and silence by America’s mainstream media, editors and journalists, in the face of presenting facts, has and continues to take place. Recent fact. The ongoing media support of the silence and the ongoing ideological obsequious and groveling capitulation of corporations, that has and is continuing to take place. Recent fact. The unconscionable, unethical and immoral social media presentation by Mr LeBron James, has taken place. Recent fact. The ongoing media, political and corporate support (despite all of the self-evident lawlessness that has been taking place) and the appalling social submission by Mr James, continues to be supported or ignored by mainstream media and some elected officials. Recent fact. The ongoing daily media denials and censorship that has and continues to take place. Universal fact. All of these commissions and omissions speak volumes about the ethics, morality, integrity and hypocrisy of the individuals, groups and organisations in question.

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The American media and the American political system continue to try to present itself as being the land of the free, and the home of the brave. However, as the irrefutable universal presenting evidence has been continually informing and presenting to the entire world, the fact is that the once constitutionally established America (upheld as being the land of the free, home of the brave), in actuality no longer exists. The social, ideological and political evidence is now irrefutable, what exists now is that America has become and is in fact a land ruled by fear, and it is the home of the afraid.

This ongoing refusal by the mainstream media to publish self-evident objective truths, and the ongoing self-righteous political preaching by media commentators and self-serving irrational elected leaders, does not change anything, in terms of facts and objective universal truths. However, the presentation of propaganda and ideological machinations, will and does change society in a manner that brings nothing but self-destruction.

Shouting and reporting that a riot is peaceful does not change the fact of what a riot is. A riot is a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd. Shouting and reporting that looting is peaceful does not change the fact of what looting actually is. Looting is the stealing of goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot. Shouting and reporting that the act of arson is peaceful, does not and will not change the axiomatic truth of what arson is. Arson is the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.

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Then there is the banning of free speech, that includes banning of books, literature and art. Then there is the inconceivable act of lowering of objective academic tests and exams, in schools, universities and corporations; all of these knowledge-based diminishments will never advance critical thinking, or a nation’s intellectual, skill or social potential. The axiomatic fact is that banning and/or removing competence and merit is the act of collective incompetence, foolishness and irrational folly that only advances a nation’s self-destruction.

If elected officials of a nation cannot or will not uphold universal facts, the nation in question will destroy itself. And if the media that is accorded to present universal truths, refuses to objectively report universal truths, the nation in question will destroy itself.

As noted, the axiomatic fact is that hypocrisy; self-serving denial; self-righteous delusional self-righteous ideological pontification; its own holier-than-thou public lecturing; its sociopolitical censorship; its enforced social silences in the face of facts; the continual campaigning, by mainstream media journalists, commentators and elected officials for the ongoing support of violent confrontations; the ongoing support for rioting mobs to shut down lawful institutions, can and will never change objective facts and universal truths.

History immutably informs, in terms of what will and does take place when ideology and propaganda determine social perceptions, and even laws, there is only one outcome: the imminent catastrophic social collapse of the nation itself.

History also informs that civilisations for millennia have died as a result of their own self-deluded self-righteousness, superior minded hypocrisy and self-inflicted lies. History also points out that when a civilisation is succumbing to its own death throes, which in this case self-evidently is America; the external enemies (and supporting internal enemies) of America have already planned and are gleefully anticipating, with much elated enthusiasm, as they secretly sneer, snigger, chuckle, chortle and laugh, as they excitedly wait for the order, from their leader, to march in and crush America.

Yours sincerely