Top 10 savage but true responses to Vloggers Nikki and Dan Phillippi killing their dog for no valid reason


If you haven’t been following, which you probably haven’t been unless you enjoy watching self centered people on YouTube, famous vloggers Nikki and Dan Phillippi killed their dog bowser for a minor dog biting incident with their one-year-old son.

The couple has essentially destroyed their online persona and probably are in to lose a lot more in the coming weeks as they collectively pissed off YouTuber, Twitter, Instagram and users on every other platform they are on.

Note to bloggers, vloggers and anyone else. Don’t mess with animals, because they have more support than you will ever have behind them.

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Below are comments on their Twitter page, before those too are deleted.

You bought a dog without training it?

So let me get this straight: she bought a dog almost entirely for the aesthetics, did next to nothing to train it, had a kid and didn’t teach it boundaries, then had the dog killed when the inevitable happened? Is that about how this went down?

What a vile thing you did. Plenty of us have dogs who can be temperamental but YOU signed up to love and care for that dog, you don’t get to just do whatever the hell you want when shit dont go your way without consequences, this is really disgusting and sad

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Instead of making videos, you should have been training your dog

Instead of making all of these videos you should have spent more time walking and training your dog. Instead, you killed your dog. There is no excuse. Taking pics right before you kill your dog is disgusting. You could have rehomed it immediately.

Why not put Bowser up for adoption?

Can you please tell us why you murdered a helpless dog when you could have gave him up for adoption???

I’m so disappointed in your decision to kill a perfectly fine dog instead of rejoining it to someone who would actually take the time to train the dog, play with the dog, and who don’t have kids

Your child did what to the dog?

You also allowed your child to give your dog an EAR HEMATOMA. Which is very painful and usually requires a procedure to correct. Unless you just leave the dog with an ear hematoma untill the body absorb the fluid in the ear..which is CRUEL !!

There aren’t many dogs out there that would not growl or snip at you if you try to take away their food. That’s like dog knowledge 101…boo hoo hoo…sips latte…boo hoo hoo…sips latte

Or maybe they could keep their kid from tormenting the dog?? Especially while they are eating! This is Dog 101

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A dog biting your child is not an easy thing to deal with, but your child has also shown repeated behavior of abuse toward the dog. You have so many options that could’ve helped everyone in the situation. The dog did not have to lose its life.

Why did you teach him to be aggressive?

Sometimes, a video tells the full story. Other times, a video shows it all. In one video, Dan is seen aggressively taunting Bowser with their smaller dog, a Yorkie in hand while Nikki laughs off-camera.

Why not take him to a trainer before euthanization?

Mom of the year so far. Instead of doing the humane thing to rehome Bowser, you decided to straight away kill him. What morals do you have! Bowser needed training like every pup needs!

Bowser deserved to live. Maybe spend time on better parenting.

As someone who put my dog down last year, due to them being sick, I can’t even begin to articulate how I felt watching her on the table being given that injection. I know she was sad and sick and knew something was happening…she had to know. At least there was a reason for it

Will you treat your son the same?

So when your son eventually goes out into the world and hurts someone… will you kill him too?

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At least he died on a nice day?

Nikki bragged in her death video about how nice of day it was outside, here’s what people said:

The way she spoke about how “perfect” everything was. Like how fucked up are you? The sun is shining the birds are chirping and we just murdered our family dog in cold blood.

Some people just hate them now

I don’t even know who you are, but i fucking hate you. That dog was an innocent life and you murdered it because you weren’t responsible enough to treat them right.

Read about what you did to your dog and it’s absolutely disgusting. Please never have another pet again

She needs to lose her other dog too?

Someone take her other dog away and ban her from owning any pets.

The biggest hypocrites, I swear. She says she’s pro life

Honestly surprised people are just now finding out what kind of a person you are. I mean you support racists and homophobes, of course you murder dogs too.

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