YouTube “Family Vloggers” slammed by fans after killing their dog over minor bite


YouTuber Nikki Phillippi and her husband are being savaged on social media after giving fans a weak excuse for euthanizing their dog, her husband saying, “We have to save himself from himself…he was the best little snuggler.”

The couple tried hard to justify their rash behavior to kill the dog for a dog biting incident with their son in which his ear swelled up. The couple said the wound was not serious.

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The two spent twenty four full minutes blaming their dog for the actions of their aging son Logan’s interactions with the dog, who “didn’t want to get grabbed on”.

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The matter could possibly have been addressed with proper obedience training and teaching the child the limits of living with a dog. Dad Dan said he felt like “picking up Bowser by the neck and shooting him”.

The next day, they scheduled the dog’s demise, saying it was a beautiful day. After their fans lashed out, asking “Why?” when so many other options were on the table, they ended up shutting down comments.

Their son Logan is 1 year old. Let’s hope he doesn’t get out of line too.

“He was our kid in our kidless years,” Phillippi said. All of their social media channels have since gone private.

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“So let me get this straight: she bought a dog almost entirely for the aesthetics, did next to nothing to train it, had a kid and didn’t teach it boundaries, then had the dog killed when the inevitable happened? Is that about how this went down,” one of their fans on Twitter wrote.

“Instead of making all of these videos you should have spent more time walking and training your dog. Instead, you killed your dog. There is no excuse. Taking pics right before you kill your dog is disgusting. You could have rehomed it immediately,” another wrote.

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