Massive Chinese rocket heading back to earth, where it goes, nobody knows

A massive rocket launched by China is expected to recklessly make re-entry in earth's orbit this weekend.


It has been suggested that China gave us the Wuhan Coronavirus in 2020, so it is fitting that the first major disaster headed earth’s way is also from China with love.

Where will Chinese rocket land?

Experts are expecting the Chinese Long March 5B rocket to reenter Earth’s atmosphere sometime Saturday night around midnight. The California based Aerospace Corporation said the time is an estimate, but they have no idea where it will come down.

When will Chinese rocket hit?

Even the Biden administration is in the dark about where the rocket will make re-entry. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby fielded questions from reporters but had very little information to share.

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“Space Command is tracking – literally tracking – this rocket debris. It’s almost the body of the rocket, as I understand it, almost intact, coming down, and we think Space Command believes, somewhere around the 8th of May,” Kirby said. “It’s too soon to know exactly where it’s going to come down. And – but again, we’re tracking that. He is aware that Space Command is tracking that, he’s getting updates on it.”

China’s government has reassured the world that most of the rocket will burn up on re-entry. In 2020, they also told us they had the Coronavirus under control. Depending upon when it reenters the atmosphere nearly 70% of the continental United States is at risk. The rocket is 176 feet in length and weighs 24.8 tons.

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Can America stop the rocket or shoot it down?

There’s not much the Pentagon can do about stopping it either.

“I think it’s also too soon to explore options about what if anything could be done about this, until we have a better sense of where it’s coming down. So I don’t want to hypothesize or speculate about – about possible actions the department might or might not take here. We’re tracking it, we’re following it as closely as we can. It’s just a little too soon right now to know where it’s going to go or what if anything can be done about that,” Kirby said.

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